Good RSS/Atom aggregator… is there any?

Ever since I started reading blogs, I was looking for good news aggregator. First I used the one built into Thunderbird, since I have already been using it as my mail client. Well, Thudnerbird is very good mail client, but they have much work in the area of feed aggregation. Then I switched to to Sage (Firefox extension) – I threw it away after 2 days. Then I used two other FF extensions with similar effect. I tried SharpReader, I tried several others but every single one had something (or was lacking something) that made me remove it. Then I came across RssBandit, and that’s what I use today. Not that its flawless, I am just tired, and it seems to have the most basic functions i require good aggregator to have, although it misses some of crucial ones that would make it my a very good one. In the meanwhile I used this great tool OMEA Pro. I admit – it had almost all desired features (or even all of them, I might have removed it to soon to check ’em all), but it has one big disadvantage: so called user experience. It’s interface is simply awful, overwhelming, and makes you wanna close it asap. This may be the most powerful feed aggregator, but the custom controls used in its interface simply don’t look well. That’s why I stayed with RssBandit. I however will give OMEA another try, because of one very important feature: message sorting: RSSBandit (and every other aggregator except for OMEA as far as I know) lets you categorize your messages into ‘folders’/feeds period. That’s all. If you are subscribed to a multitopic feed it will blindly throw every message to the same bag. What I would like (and what OMEA provides) is ability to have virtual folders. It works in a similar fashion to email filtering. It lets you create views so that you can say: “Here I want to have all messages from this, this, and this blog that have this tag and this keyword”. It seems so obvious that every aggregator should have this feature, yet none of them has it… Or maybe I am simply not aware?