ReSharper 3.0 beta… gone?

It seems like I may not be able to play with ReSharper after all, at least not until I find a solution to this:


After installing ReSharper 3.0 beta, onto previous build, ReSharper seems to be disabled. First, I had Two ReSharper menus, both with all options disabled like here. After I Removed ReSharper, Rolled back my VS settings to state before installing ReSharper and installing it once again, Nothing changed except for the fact that instead of two dead menus I have one. Any solution? (other than reinstalling VS Disappointed).


It seems I’m not the only one having this problem after installing beta version. Still no solution though. I reported this issue to JetBrains.


I tried totally uninstalling beta version and going back to previously used build, but it didn’t help. I think that there are some broken registry keys or maybe something in VS configuration files…

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