Why I will not switch to Vista (in foreseeable future)

“Better is the enemy of the good”, says old Polish proverb. I can NOT see how Vista might be better for me than my Xp. I am perfectly happy with Xp, it works smoothly, I don’t remember when was the last time it crashed, it supports all the hardware that I use, it uses reasonable amount of resources – all in all – it’s the best OS I ever used.

On the other hand there’s this new Vista thing. So what? I have been using it for like a month, as my 2nd OS, and then I removed it, because I didn’t find a single thing that was better about it, compared to Xp. I often hear comparisons to Windows Me, and I tend to agree. Recently my friend who is all about new stuff, gave up and moved back to Xp, and this is significant.

So to end this – is there a single thing that I can’t have in Xp, that would make me do that marketed “wow”? Anybody?

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