Regionerate your life

After much waiting (two and a half months!). Rauchy released the new version of his great tool Regionerate. New version brings many changes and bugfixes:

  • You can now choose how you want custom (created by Regionerate) regions to differentiate from other regions, by specifying custom prefix, wrapper, or usage of high ASCII character looking like space (read more here).
  • Older versions of Regionerate were leaving fragments of source code embedded within regions not created by Regionerate (not having Regionerate’ prefix to be exact) intact. Now you can make it also look into those regions (and remove them, putting their content into its own regions). No more manually removing VS-created regions for Interface implementations. You can also use this option to quickly strip all regions from a given source file. (read more here)
  • Regionerate now will regionerate your nested classes as well 🙂
  • And the most annoying issue for me: when you had string literals containing curly braces, Regionerate treated them as if they were not part of a string, which could break your code in a nasty way. It’s not the case any more, as you can read here.

There’s more, as you can read in official announcement.

Go and get it while it’s still hot.

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