Anything unusual?

Ok, seriously – I might be just the only blogger in Poland that hasn’t written anything about in the passing year. It’s basically social networking site where you write all schools you went to, and it helps you find people from the same school, the same class and so on. It’s been a huge success here in Poland, and everyone is talking about it, even my mom knows what it is, and that’s quite an achievement.

Well, anyway – my wife seems to like it, and she spends quite a lot of time there, and she found this on their main site (image not shown, as you may not want to see it. I warn you, don’t open it when you have kids around). I find it hilarious on one hand, and striking on the other hand, that although they seem to have no filtering whatsoever, they still allow this to their front page, where claimed four millions of their users can see it.

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