Upgrading Visual Studio trial to full version

Today I finally downloaded my MSDN version of Visual Studio 2008. Up ’till now I’ve been using trial version and I wanted to upgrade it before my trial period ends. So I burned downloaded ISO to DVD, started the disc, ran the installer, and saw this:vs_08_install

Apparently something went wrong with the burning, so I mounted the ISO as virtual drive, ran the installer and saw the same message box again.

Hmmm could I have downloaded corrupted ISO? I decided to give it last one shot, and unpack ISO with 7-zip. Surprisingly, when I opened the ISO with 7-zip instead of whole bunch of files, I saw… one. Single text file saying that this is UDF disk, and that  I needed compatible operating system to open it. I checked – Windows XP is compatible. In that case, maybe 7-zip is not? I tried WinRar, and it unpacked the whole thing successfully.

Then I ran the installer from unpacked folder on my disk, and… it worked, all files were copied, and installer loaded successfully. So I got ready for having to uninstall the trial version, in order to have it upgraded to full version, but to my surprise there was an option, next to usual Repair/Uninstall/Add-Remove-features stuff, saying – what else  “upgrade”. It then took half a minute to do its magic, and my trial is no longer a trial. The only indication that something happened was GhostDoc’s configuration wizard, that fired next time I opened the IDE. I’m very positively surprised.

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