How to unregister windows service

Tool for managing windows services in Windows XP allows you many things, but you can’t unregister (delete, remove) a service with it. There is however a command line tool that allows that.

Remember that unregistering important services may break your system. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing – don’t. You have been warned.

services_1 First you need to check real name of the service (not it’s display name). To do this go to Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Services, and find the service you want to uninstall. Right click it, and choose “Properties”. Then, on the “General” tab, find “Service Name”. For example for service on the screenshot it’s WLSetupSvc.




Next go to command line and run command ‘sc’, it will enumerate its options. This is the tool, that we’ll use to uninstall the service. To do this type


services_2 If everything goes fine, you’ll see command similar to second screenshot, and you’ll computer will continue working.




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20 Thoughts.

  1. Well, it is valuable. But, there is a kind of services that are inaccessible for sc command. What shall one do in this case?

  2. Kozmic, thanks man. This worked perfectly. I was trying to unregister services with ".\service.exe -u", but I had some missing dependencies.

  3. You’re the man. I was having trouble to reinstall the MySQL…tried the suggestions from couple other sites…still failed…finally yours worked for me…and clear and easy instructions…Thanks.

  4. I have this message in result:
    c:\sc delete O^&O Defrag
    [SC] OpenService FAILED 1060:

    🙁 Anyone knows what is this?

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