This week I received my most recent purchase from Amazon. (HINT: You can use the wl-btn-74-b._V46774601_  link to see some more books I’d love to have… and even buy some for me smile_regular).

Here’s what I bought:


  • Code Complete 2nd edition. With Jeff Atwood advocating it so much, it was not a hard choice. I actually wanted to purchase a book that would generally provide proven practices, and high level overview of programming in a language agnostic way. This seems to be it, and even more. The book is said to be one of all-time-classics of computer science, and so far (I’m in the 6th chapter) it lives up to this promise.
  • CLR via C# 2nd edition. That’s the only platform specific book I bought. However, it’s not yet another “learn C#” or “Learn TreeView Control in .NET 2.0 sp1” kind of book with very narrow scope. This kind of books tends to get out of date very quickly. CLR via C# is a comprehensive insight into inner workings of CLR. It’s the book to read, to get thorough understanding of various aspects of the platform.
  • I also wanted a book about agile development methodologies. That’s the topic of my master’s thesis, and also something I’m deeply interested in. The problem with most books on the topic however, is that they contain a lot of hype, and little real-life advice. The Art of Agile Development, seems to stand out from the crowd promising sober look at introducing and practicing Extreme Programming.

All in all, I’ve only skimmed through all the books, so I can’t say much about each of them yet, but I am content with the choice I’ve made. I’ll share more insight as soon as I read them.

So. What would you recommend for the next time? smile_wink

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Alan Mojab says:

Can I borrow your brain when you are done reading them? 🙂