Agile Toolkit Podcast

I love reading blogs. I gain so much knowledge from people far smarter than myself. In my previous job it was taking me about 40 minutes to get there, and another 40 to return home. It’s quite a lot I guess, wasting over an hour in public communication.

Then to make my commute a little bit more productive (ok, I lie here, it was just boring) I decided to use my old Creative Zen Micro mp3 player, and listen to podcasts. That’s how it started, and now I have yet another source of knowledge about technology, and what’s great about it, is that I don’t have to be in front of the computer, or even at home to use it. I’m hooked.

Anyway, when I ran out of Hanselminutes, Dot Net Rocks, Polymorphic Podcast and Plumbers at Work episodes I started to look for some other great podcasts out there and I just found out (via great XP group) about Agile Toolkit Podcast.

It seems to be the best agile-centric podcast around, and it’s been published for roughly 3 years, so I have quite a few episodes to get up to speed with. At the moment I’m listening to an episode with James Shore, author of one of the books I bought last week. Great stuff, highly recommended.


Brian says:

Have you also checked out Software Engineering Radio? It’s pretty much technology-agnostic, and more focused of various software development techniques (