Twitt.Poster reinvented – introducing Ty (Twitter for LaunchY)

I was really surprised that quite a few people started using my… hack that let you post to Twitter using Launchy. Due to popular demand (hey, few people really asked for that) I decided to create an actual Launchy plugin that would let you do that.

And so Ty was born. I know it’s not the best name in the world, but all Launchy plugins are required by law to end with y and Twitty was already taken, so I abbreviated it to simply Ty. The word ty means also ‘you’ in Polish.


All the details, along with download link are here. Grab it if you want, and if you have any feedback (or feature request) post them to the issue tracker on the site.

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Phoenix says:

It’s really wonderful to twitter with Launchy.
Thanks very much!