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On Nuget, Git and unignoring packages

Git has a helpful ability to ignore certain files. When working on .net projects, you normally want to ignore your .suo file, bin and obj folders etc.

If you’re using the excellent GitExtensions it will even provide a default, reasonable .gitignore file for you.

Problem is, that while you want to ignore certain patterns in most of your project, generally you want none of those rules to apply to your nuget packages.

Everything in packages folder should be committed. Always. No exceptions.

To do that, you need to leverage a child .gitignore file.

Create a .gitignore file inside your packages folder and add the following line to it:


This tells Git to disregard any ignore rules of the parent file. Now all your packages will be committed completely, without missing any of their functionality.

Windsor 3 beta 1 – dozen of Nuget packages and SymbolSource.org support

As promised, I released Nuget packages for beta 1 of Windsor 3. This is my first major rollout of Nuget packages, so please report any issues working with them.

Nuget and beta packages

Nuget is quickly evolving and getting more useful with each release. However one feature it’s missing right now is support for pre-release packages (this is coming in the next version).


This is not really a big deal, however it means there are a few things you should be aware of.

Recommended version

Since the new package is a pre-release, while I would really like for everyone to start using it immediately and report all issues they find, I quite understand that many people will rather prefer to stick to the last official version for the time being. To accommodate that the new packages are not made recommended versions, so your Nuget explorer will still point to the last stable (2.5.3) version if you search for Windsor, Castle.Core or any other pre-existing package.


If you go to command line and install one of the packages without specifying version number, it will install the latest, that is beta 1 version.


SymbolSource.org and debugging into Windsor

Folks at SymbolSource.org added recently support for Nuget (and OpenWrap as well) and the new Castle packages take advantage of that. What it gives you, is you can now easily debug into Windsor’s code, just like .NET framework reference source (there’s a simple guide at SymbolSource on how to do it).

After you’re all set you can step into any of Castle methods in your debugger and watch the magic happen. Very cool thing, even if I say so myself.



List of packages

Here’s the full list of v3 beta 1 packages (notice those are not all Castle packages, just those that were published as v3 beta 1 rollout of Windsor):


I hope this will make it easier for everyone to test drive Windsor. And if you find any issues, have any suggestions or ideas, do not hesitate to bring them up, either on our google group, or issue tracker.