Castle Windsor 3.0 is released

Castle Windsor

After suc­cess­ful beta and RC releases final ver­sion of Cas­tle Wind­sor (as well as Cas­tle Core, and a whole set of facil­i­ties) has now been released. There are no major changes between final ver­sion and RC. The dif­fer­ence is some minor bug fixes, improved excep­tion mes­sages and some small improve­ments all over the place.


The pack­ages are avail­able now, on Nuget (with sym­bols), and via stan­dard .zip down­load.


Last but not least — thank you to every­one who down­loaded beta and release can­di­date and pro­vided feed­back. You guys rock.

  • Mauri­cio Scheffer

    Great work mate! I have a lot of catching-up to do :)

  • Aleš Roubíček

    good work, thanks!

  • Oğuzhan EREN

    thanks man

  • Yuan Lei


  • Mike McGrana­han


  • Cris­tiano

    Great work. I can't wait to play with new fea­tures! Thanks a lot for your effort.

  • Tien Do

    Castle.Core.dll in both folder net40 and net40-client is "for .NET Client pro­file" accord­ing to its descrip­tion. Is this correct?

    • Krzysztof Koźmic

      Nope. Core has only Client Pro­file version

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  • Roland Juan

    does this sup­port nested generics?