Castle Windsor 3.0 is released

Castle Windsor

After successful beta and RC releases final version of Castle Windsor (as well as Castle Core, and a whole set of facilities) has now been released. There are no major changes between final version and RC. The difference is some minor bug fixes, improved exception messages and some small improvements all over the place.


The packages are available now, on Nuget (with symbols), and via standard .zip download.


Last but not least – thank you to everyone who downloaded beta and release candidate and provided feedback. You guys rock.


Mauricio Scheffer says:

Great work mate! I have a lot of catching-up to do 🙂

good work, thanks!

Oğuzhan EREN says:

thanks man

Yuan Lei says:


Cristiano says:

Great work. I can’t wait to play with new features! Thanks a lot for your effort.

Tien Do says:

Castle.Core.dll in both folder net40 and net40-client is “for .NET Client profile” according to its description. Is this correct?

Nope. Core has only Client Profile version

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Roland Juan says:

does this support nested generics?