Roy Osherove vs. Oren Eini discussion about VSTS, TFS and OSS alternatives.

There is a very interesting discussion going on between two great Israeli blogers: Roy Osherove (a.k.a. ISerializable) and Oren Eini (better known as Ayende). It started with Roy’s post, that his company is looking for a developer experienced in VSTS. Then Oren pointed out why he would avoid Visual Studio Team System. In response Roy wrote a post explaining his choice of VSTS. It didn’t take long for Oren, to write a response, where he basically said, that all what Roy wrote above (and more) can be accomplished with other – free tools. As a result, Roy wrote a great post about open source tools. It’s good to read such discussions, where two pure professionals instead of yelling and swearing at each other bring to live some good arguments. I hope it will spread to other blogs, and initiate broader discussion.


As expected, Oren wrote (quite long) post to respond to last Roy’s post. It’s getting more and more interesting as they bring new arguments.


As I expected, there are more blogers joining discussion (battle) between Roy and Oren. Check out Bil Simser’s comments and Oren’s response.


It’s starting to look like tennis game: ball flying from one player to another and back. As so, now it was the time for Roy Osherove to speak, and so he did.


Sam Gentile wrote excelent post about XP and being truly agile and commented Roy’s and Oren’s battle. Oren responded to both: Roy’s and Sam’s posts.