Windows Live Writer and SubText incompatibility issues

Microsoft released 2nd beta of Windows Live Writer yesterday. That’s good, I used 1st beta to publish my posts and I tried to publish previous post with the new version but there seems to be some API incompatibility issue between WLW and SubText, since when I tried to publish it, it Subtext threw this exception:

Server Error 0 Occurred

Illegal Characters Found    at Subtext.Framework.Text.HtmlHelper.HasIllegalContent(String s)
   at Subtext.Framework.Data.DatabaseObjectProvider.FormatEntry(Entry e, Boolean UseKeyWords)
   at Subtext.Framework.Data.DatabaseObjectProvider.Create(Entry entry, Int32[] categoryIds)
   at Subtext.Framework.Entries.Create(Entry entry)
   at Subtext.Framework.XmlRpc.MetaWeblog.newPost(String blogid, String username, String password, Post post, Boolean publish)

I guess I’ll stick to beta 1 for now.


Seems that it’s not an issue with WLW, but with it’s Digg this plugin, after removing it, everything works the way it should Smile

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