I probably shouldn’t even admit but: ‘I haven’t been using ReSharper’… I mean, never before. And before you ask – no, I haven’t been on a remote island for last X years. I actually knew that there was such a tool, I simply didn’t realize how great it is! It was Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo’s series of screencasts on Demystifying Design Patterns, on DNR TV, that made me like – ‘Wow, that’s a great tool he’s using’ (he actually does more ReSharper magic that actual coding in these screencasts Wink, but that’s OK – J.P – great series by the way, if you read this). I already asked my boss to buy me a licence, and I’m wondering how I will survive without it at home when ReSharper EAP is overSad I probably should put a little PayPal button up on this blog and start collecting money to buy myself a licence. When I dive a little bit more into it, I’ll post some ‘ohh’s and ‘ahh’s here.

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