Acropolis to replace CAB/SCSF

I like CAB and SCSF, I really do, although I’m by no means expert at it, I used it in one, not so big project so far, when I moved over the hard part (getting used to naming conventions and getting to know how the things are organized and how they fit together) I really liked it. When I learned about Acropolis I got the feeling that Microsoft just said: “This is the way you are supposed to do smart client applications”, and that it means good bye to CAB.

Glenn Block just said it clear and loud:

With the announcement of Acropolis, we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases.

He also said:

Acropolis is not going to ship for some time.

So it should cut any speculations that Acropolis may be shipping in Orcas (Visual Studio 2008) timeframe. Stay tuned for more news.

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