ReSharper 3.0 final… still doesn’t work

Congratulations to JetBrains for pulling out new release of ReSharper. I hoped that it would resolve problem I had with beta release, but unfortunately it does not. Situation looks exactly like it was with beta release. ReSharper installer claims that installation was successful, but was it really?



vspluginsStill, all options are grayed out, and that menu, and ReSharper logo are actually only signs of ReSharper’s presence. Add-in manager in Visual Studio even doesn’t list it . I reported the issue to JetBrains, but their investigation of the problem ended with one question after which they closed the case as ‘Cannot Reproduce’ the following day.

I presume that reinstalling Visual Studio would fix the problem but it’s not something I’m going to do, so I guess there will be no ReSharper for me 🙁 It’s a pity, because those few days I’ve been using it made me really like the tool. Well, if there is no way for me to try this out, maybe I’ll try Mark Miller’s Refactor! Pro… Maybe his company (DevExpress) cares more about its potential customers.


Oleg Stepaov says:


I reopened the issue and asked you a question in the comments. Please answer it.

WBR, Oleg

Steve says:

Second time its happened to me. I dropped the tool the first time. NOW im at a new company and it happened again. IM not uninstalling VS. So I guess I will not be using resharper. Its supposed to help productivity. Uninstalling vs and reinstalling to maybe fix the problem is not very productive. I searched their forums, found the issue and no resolution. Considering the cost of their product i am disappointed.

Bo says:

Hello. Well I have the same problem. I’m new to and was introduced to it a wwek ago. Seems like a cool toy and increases productivity by far! BUT like Steve I’m facing the same problem. All the options are greyed out…. What can I do? The manager dos’net list it either. Pretty much disappointed 🙁

xtoff says:

Well, if it will be of any help, reinstalling the wholething (resharper AND Visual Studio) worked for me… but I know that it’s hardly a resolution. Currently they’re going to fix it in the next minor version (3.1.1), so hopefully it will be resolved soon.