Visual Studio 2005 broken with no reason…

The strangest thing happened to me today. I left my PC running yesterday when I left from work, I came today and started working only to find out that my keyboard shortcuts were not working. I went to Tools–>Settings and wanted to re-map my keyboard scheme, but instead of seeing Visual Studio Settings window, I saw “There was a problem and application will be terminated, do you want to send a report to Microsoft bla bla bla” window.

“Ok”, I thought, “shit happens”, I ran Visual Studio once again… Tools–>Settings… Error. Hmmm… maybe restarting Windows would help. Well, not really… I decided to try another approach. Tools–>Import and Export settings–>Reset Settings to default…. wait… NAH! “There was an error bla bla bla”.

To make long story short, I tried disabling/reinstalling plugins, I ran devenv /safemode I tried to log VS activity to see what the problem was (no help here).

Finally it looks like I’ll have my Windows and stuff reinstalled. But the most annoying thing about it is, that there is NO reason why this happened!

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