Linkz: Continuous Integration – how to…

Carel Lotz has published updated version of his great “Continuous Integration: From Theory to Practice” guide. Updates include:

  1. Updated to use VS 2008, .NET 3.5 and MSBuild 3.5 (including new MSBuild features like parallel builds and multi-targeting).
  2. All tools (NUnit, NDepend, NCover etc.) are now stored in a separate Tools folder and kept under source control. The only development tools a developer needs to install are VS 2008, SQL Server 2005 and Subversion. The rest of the tools are retrieved form the mainline along with the latest version of the source code.
  3. Added the CruiseControl.NET configuration (custom style sheets, server setup etc.) to source control and created a single step setup process for the build server. This greatly simplifies the process of setting up a new build server.
  4. Changed from using InstallShield to Windows Installer XML (WiX) for creating a Windows installer (msi).
  5. Added support for running MbUnit tests in addition to the NUnit tests.
  6. Added support for running standalone FxCop in addition to running VS 2008 Managed Code Analysis.
  7. Added targets to test the install and uninstall of the Windows installer created.
  8. Consolidated the CodeDocumentationBuild to become part of the DeploymentBuild.
  9. Removed the QTP integration as this was not a requirement for the new project. If you want to integrate QTP, please refer to the QtpBuild of the first edition of the guide.
  10. Used the latest version of all the tools available.  The tools used in the guide are VS 2008, Subversion, CruiseControl.NET, MSBuild, MSBuild.Community.Tasks, NUnit/MbUnit, FxCop, TypeMock/Rhino.Mocks, WiX, Sandcastle, NCover, NCoverExplorer and NDepend.


Get PDF here, and code here.