Visual Studio/ReSharper syntax coloring issue

I use custom color theme in Visual Studio. Black background and light-colored fonts. After installing new ReSharper nightly build I noticed however, that something is not right. ReSharper adds additional coloring to your syntax, but it seemed to be disabled. I checked ReSharper’s settings, and it looked OK. It turned out to be Visual Studio issue. Looks like it didn’t pick additional colors from ReSharper. To fix this you need to open Tools –> Options, then navigate to Environment–> Fonts and Colors, and wait for Visual Studio to reload its colors. You can close the window now. All should be back to normal.



Alan says:

The Resharper has become too big for JetBrain’s capability if you ask me. Have you seen how many outstanding issues they have to solve? hundreds of them.
How a company that its product has reached 3.02 and is talking about version 4.0 now has missed a big issue like if you insert regions outside of VS to your code files or insert them programmatically resharper would remove them once the code file is reformated?
Take my word for it, when you call the support team of a vendor and discuss the same issue that I talked about in here and they play around with you to avoid admitting the issue then be assured they have so many issues with their own product.
I do hope I would never have to play politics with my users.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s too big for their capability, but definitely it looks like they urgently need few more programmers.ReSharper grown to be very complex product, and contrarily to other products, they replace some of core Visual Studio options (like their own Intellisence, and background compiler) which means that they have LOT more to do to support new version of .NET its languages and other tools (like NAnt or MsBuild).
Leaving bugs aside, they’ve lost a few points on me, with two things:
1. Not having version of the tool ready when VS 08 became available. That’s a big one. I’m not saying they should have shipped ready product the next day after VS became RTM, but at least something usable.
2. Demanding money for upgrade from 3.0. Company I work for, bought ReSharper licence sometime after 3.0 was released, just a few months back. And now in order to use new c# 3.0 goodies with it, I have to go to my boss and beg for money again. I don’t know if he will understand why he needs to spend more money on the product he bought just few months ago.

Hadi Hariri says:


Thanks for your comments. If there are any particular issues that you are running into that are causing you problems, please feel free to contact me.


Regarding point 1, that you can see has already been addressed and we were well ready for even the earlier VS 2010 builds. In regard to point 2, I was not around at that time at JetBrains so I’m not sure of the exact circumstances. Right now however, if you purchased ReSharper 4.5 on or after October 15th, you’re entitled to free upgrade to 5.0.


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