Beautiful code

Ok, maybe this title is a little bit too catchy. However, I simply love the expressiveness of this little piece of code I wrote today.

   1:          public bool RegisterAll( Assembly assembly, Func<object, bool> isValidMessage )
   2:          {
   3:              if( assembly == null )
   4:              {
   5:                  throw new ArgumentNullException( "assembly" );
   6:              }
   7:              if( isValidMessage == null )
   8:              {
   9:                  throw new ArgumentNullException( "isValidMessage" );
  10:              }
  11:              var messages = from t in assembly.GetTypes()
  12:                             where t.HasAttribute<MessageAttribute>() &&
  13:                                   isValidMessage( t )
  14:                             select t;
  15:              return messages.All( Register );
  16:          }


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would be even nicer and shorter if you used

Guard.ArgumentNotNull(assembly, “assembly”);


Benny Thomas says:

I was a little anoyed by the
predicate argument test.

I don’t see why that is there. It is not passed in as an argument, so I can’t really grasp why it triggers a ArgumentException. So it not nice to look @ in insolation.


That’s what happens when you do last time changes without refactoring tools at your hand 😉
It was supposed to be isValidMessage, but I forgot to change it there.
Thanks for noticing.