Globalization issues

Globalization is a serious issue if you create a software that is to be used worldwide. You may for example take into account that people have non a-z letters in their names, like for example ‘ź’. If you don’t consider that, your users may come across windows like this one, I saw while registering to Windows Live Spaces.


So what should I do? Lie about my last name? And the funniest thing is: there’s no ‘ź’ on the list of forbidden characters.

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Tuna Toksoz says:

So you want blacklisting instead of whitelisting,
$”<> etc, and numbers are blacklisted, and the rest is allowed? May result in some problems, how would you read some chineese stuff then?

xtoff says:

No. First of all, what we (apparently) have here IS blacklist.
The issue is, however, that the ‘ź’ character is NOT in that list, so why does it say that there’s an issue with my last name? It’s just issue with the webpage. Globalization issue.
It’s not the first one, for me on Microsoft sites. On on of them I have to use ‘Ÿ’ instead of ‘ź’ to log on.
It’s just tiring.