The Lord of the Rings live in Kraków

I just love living in Kraków. There are so many incredible things going on here all the time. Yesterday I went to Błonia, to see one of the most spectacular shows I’ve ever seen.

As a part of the 1st Film Music Festival, Błonia were changed to giant open-air cinema, where Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was screened. The best part however, is that the complete soundtrack was performed live during the movie. The orchestra + choirs summed up to total of almost 300 people on stage. You can get a taste of how it looked like on this video.


This video however, does not give the awesomeness of the spectacle.  The difference is I’d say comparable to playing a racing game, and driving a racing car. It was so incredibly breathtaking that I lack words to express it.


The music was so precisely synchronized with the movie, it was so… alive, it took the movie to whole new dimension. I’ve seen the movie like, four or five times before (once in cinema when it first came out, and then on DVD), but this was by far the greatest movie experience of my life. To say that I’m deeply impressed would be a huge understatement.