AnkhSVN 2.0 – Visual Studio SVN integration reinvented

Along with Subversion 1.5 and TortoiseSVN 1.5 a new version of AnkhSVN has been released some time ago.


AnkhSVN v1.x used to suffer from many issues. It was instable, used far too much resources, and had many usability bugs, that repelled many people. For version 2.0 many parts of the tool have been rewritten from ground up, and now it’s a very descent tool that you should give second chance if you abandoned it after trying out previous version.

I was very pleasantly surprised by it, when I fired up my Visual Studio today, and I saw this:


Geee, now it even checks for updates, cool.

Good stuff. If you passed on it before, you definitely should give it another try – really, new version is a whole other tool.


Why would I? It’s not free and AFAICT it doesn’t offer anything useful that Ankh doesn’t have.

typ says:

But… if you have some money (or reasonable boss) I recommend VisualSVN. Definitely roX 😉

Pleanse elaborate on this a little. I’m using VisualSVN free svn server, and I admit, that it’s good. I however can’t see any reason to use VisualSVN VS integration over new AnkhSVN. What’s its killer feature that would justify spending $49?

Anil Kumar says:

Hi All,
AnkhSVN 2.0 is working fine with VS 2008. The only issue i found when we tried to commit the locked file it gives the following error.

Commit failed (details below)
Server sent unexpected return value (423 locked) in response to PUT request for ‘repo path’

Please let me know if there is any solution for it.

Hi Kumar,

Try getting latest build of Ankh first, and see if the issue goes away
If it does not, report the bug to the team, (see here:…/ProjectProcess)

Voicu Seiche says:

The only inconvenience i have with AnkhSVN is that the status of the files is not refreshed after using third-party tools (like Tortoise). It seems to me that they are not working "toghether", just separatley, while VisualSVN relays only on Tortoise.