Remove assemblies from Dependency Graph in NDepend

Last minor version of NDepend introduced cool, interactive Dependency Graph, that was really a huge step forward as compared to static .png we got earlier. You can now load set of assemblies, and immediately see dependencies between them, without running your_picture_viewer_here. You also can drill down the dependency tree  and see dependencies between namespaces within an assembly, classes within namespace, methods within class…

One thing (ok, there are more, but we’ll get to that in a minute), that I missed, was the ability to remove an element from the graph. You could do this using CQL, but this just was too complicated solution. This is now possible with new and fresh 2.10.3 build.

Remove element from NDepend' Dependency Graph

So, back to my wishlist. You can interact with only one element of the graph at any given moment. That means, although you can select few assembles with ctrl+LMB if you click Remove, only one will get removed. Same with drilling down. You can’t select few assembles and go “View internal dependency cycles on graph” to see cycles between classes in all of those assemblies. (well, you can as a matter of fact do this with CQL, but again, this may require a lot of typing and GUI just feels like the right place to do it.)

Second thing I wish it had, is a scrollbar for zooming instead of + / – buttons. Can we get this Partick?

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Interesting indeed, thanks for these ideas,
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