Five books I wish existed

I read a lot of blogs. I love them. However, I believe they are not the best medium if you want to learn something from A to Z. That said, here’s my wishlist of books that I wish existed.

  • “Creating maintainable software architecture” – Oren Eini
  • “Maintainable software development” – Oren Eini
  • “Advanced Windows Communication Foundation from the inside” – Nicholas Allen
  • “Building service oriented software” – Udi Dahan
  • “Presentation patterns with WPF” – Glenn Block (There is more broad book “Presentation Patterns” to be written by Jeremy D. Miller)

Those are people, who have deep knowledge on their respective topics, and could create really great books. What’s your list of books you wish existed? Post your picks in the comments.

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Tuna Toksoz says:

I’d add Hamilton Verissino to the first two as a co-author.

Tuna Toksoz says:

It should have been Hamilton Verissimo