DynamicProxy IInterceptorSelector support implemented (again)

After my first attempt at making IInterceptorSelector support in DynamicProxy actually work, there has been a discussion on castle-dev discussion group, about the implementation, its implication and features. To make long story short (find and read the thread if you’re interested) I set up to redo the implementation, moving most of the code that was generated at runtime into another, statically compiled class. Finally yesterday I had some time to actually start working on the implementation, but fixing bugs with code-gen at 1am proved to not be my strongest skill, so I finished the implementation today. Funny thing is, I found the bug without even turning on the computer. I just woke up fresh in the morning, I thought about what could be the cause, and in no time it came to me. But I digress.

I’m posting the patch to donjon, and hopefully someone will review it and apply soon this time, so in a couple of days you’ll be able to use this functionality. I’ll blog about it in one of forthcoming parts of my DynamicProxy tutorial.

And here’s a small teaser:

DynamicProxy generated code


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