Productivity tip of the week II

Since my Keyboard shortcut of the week post spawned some positive reactions and requests to continue it on a regular basis… well, here we go.

This week’s productivity tip of the week is actually a keyboard shortcut as well, this time however it’s ReSharper specific (you should do yourself a favor and get ReSharper anyway, if you don’t use it). It’s for Visual Studio’ keymap.:


What it does is it highlights the location of currently active file in the Solution Explorer. It’s very useful if you explore codebase, navigate between calls and want to quickly find out where you landed.


Nick says:

Two useful shortcuts I’m using all the time (both require Resharper):
Ctrl+T – find class by name
Ctrl+Shift+T – find file by name

Those two make navigation in a large project so much faster. Both accept wildcards as well like: *strategy.cs