Castle Dynamic Proxy 2.1 is out

Final version of Castle Dynamic Proxy 2.1 is officially released as of today. For the announcement see Jonathon’s blog. This is the first release since the split of monolithic Castle Project into independent projects.

It also opens a way for all other projects depending on Dynamic Proxy to get a release (some of them will be released very soon).

Also I want to remind you of Castle UserVoice site, where you can suggest features and improvements you’d like to see in the next version. Not only for DynamicProxy, but for any project under Castle umbrella.

You can get the bits here.

And last but not least – my Dynamic Proxy Tutorial is 100% compatible with this version, so if you want to improve your skills, learn how to use different features that are there, you can use this as unofficial documentation, since the official one is still in the works.