The biggest hack I have ever written

Not that I’m proud of that, but to circumvent the limitations of CLR and C# I sometimes had to use reflection, code generation, changing behavior depending on who’s calling etc.

However I think this code beats all that.

public static class HandleProvider
    private static int _currentToken = typeof(object).GetConstructors()[0].MetadataToken;
    private static ModuleHandle _moduleHandle = typeof(object).Module.ModuleHandle;
    /// <summary>
    /// This is an ugly hack to circumvent lack of useful public constructor on RuntimeMethodHandle struct
    /// </summary>
    /// <returns>Method handle of some method from mscorlib</returns>
    public static RuntimeMethodHandle GetNextHandle()
        /* Since we need RuntimeMethodHandles and the struct does not have a constructor we can use, we need some other way of obtaining these.
         * We're stealing them from mscorlib. We can (hopefully) do this, because it's only for AsyncType's Begin/End methods.
         * Their handles are used (not that this is just internal implementation detail which can change and thus breaking my code) only
         * as keys in the dicionary so we only need to have different ones, and we should be fine.
        return _moduleHandle.GetRuntimeMethodHandleFromMetadataToken(_currentToken++);

It’s a part of my effort to enable asyncronous calls on WCF proxies created via ChannelFactory. You can see the whole code here.