In case you’re wondering

I did not abandon my tutorial on Dynamic Proxy. However do not expect to hear a lot from me on this blog during the next two to three weeks, since I don’t have an Internet access at home during that period, and I won’t be able to blog too much. Same goes for emails.

The only form of Internet access I have now is using my neighbor’s Wifi, that I can access only in the kitchen using my 10 inch MSI Wind netbook. Not the most ideal set up for blogging as you’ll surely agree.

So as a sneak peak, here’s a short list of topics I’m going to cover when my PC regains the ability to access the Internet

  • Dynamic Proxy and additional interfaces on proxies
  • Dynamic Proxy and mixins (probably split to two posts)
  • NHibernate and IUserType
  • NHibernate and Null Object Pattern
  • How to set up NHibernate testing with SQLite
  • NHibernate and boxing bug (plus a workaround)
  • Async WCF calls without SvcUtil – something about current progress


John Simons says:

I was just about to post a comment on the Castle User Voice to find out about the progress on the Async WCF.
In my current project, I’ve got to the point where I really would love to have this functionality 🙂