Disabling Visual Studio F1 Help shortcut

If you, like Mario (or me today), ever accidentally hit F1 in Visual Studio, and spent next couple of minutes looking at similar screen, I have a remedy.


How often do you really use F1 to access Visual Studio help anyway? Wouldn’t it be good to just disable this shortcut? Well, as I learned today – you can do this.


Go to Tools –> Options… navigate to the option above, find the command Help.F1Help and click Remove, et voilà!

Happy coding.


innovatel says:

Fantastic! I hate "F1" when I can push ESC and I wrong 🙂

Enrico says:

F1 is every good programmer’s best friend.

nevin says:

Enrico: "F1 is every good programmer’s best friend."

Not when it takes 10 minutes (literally) to show up the help window and VS becomes unusable with a modal ‘Delay Notification’ window blocking access to VS.

thanks for the tip

Nevin Clement says:

I don’t think that is a perfect solution. Here you are disabling the F1 (HELP!). Instead you can tweak VS IDE to load the help faster. VS gives the user the luxury to load the help from the local help files or from online help documentation. If you make your primary help as local, it will not take time to load. For this, select Tools -> options-> Environment -> Help -> Online and select Try Local only not online option.

Happy Coding 🙂

No, it won’t. I _did_ have that option enabled.