Semi final release – Windsor 2.5 beta 2 (now with Silverlight support)

A bit later than expected (ah, work) I published beta 2 of Windsor 2.5 today. The release has the following changes as compared to beta 1.

  • Silverlight version (for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4) is now included in the package.
  • Synchronize Facility is now included in the package (.NET only)
  • The following code changes and fixes were made (incl. one breaking change)
  • – added support for selecting components based on custom attributes and their properties. See Component.HasAttribute<T>() methods

    – added WithService.DefaultInterface() to fluent API. It matches Foo to IFoo, SuperFooExtended to IFoo and IFooExtended etc. If you know how DefaultConvention works in StructureMap, this is pretty similar

    – added support for CastleComponentAttribute in fluent API. Also added helper filter method Component.IsCastleComponent

    – added ability to specify interceptors selector as a service, not just as instance

    – added ability to specify proxy hook in fluent API

    – indexers on IKernel are now obsolete.

    – added WithAppConfig() method to logging facility to point to logging configuration in AppDomain’s config file (web.config or app.config)

    BREAKING CHANGE: Restructured lifecycle concerns – introduced ICommissionConcern and IDecommissionConcern and favors them over old enum driven style.

    – Fixed how contextual arguments are handled. Null is no longer considered a valid value (That would cause an exception later on, now it’s ignored).

    – Changed method DeferredStart on StartableFacility. It now does not take a bool parameter. A DeferredTryStart() method was introduced instead.


This is probably the last pre-release for 2.5 and if no critical issues are found, we’ll release final release in 2, 3 weeks. Go grab the bits, see if it works for you and if it does not report back. I’m also looking for people who want to contribute sample applications for the final release. Ping me if you’d like to contribute to that.


i-wayneo says:

Would the SL version be suitable for use in a Monotouch App? How big is that builds DLL?


I don’t know if it would be suitable. Can you run Silverlight on MonoTouch in the first place?

SL build (Core+Windsor) is ~490kb. It could be probably slimmed down if someone actually wanted to contribute to it and maintain it. Currently Silverlight support is secondary concern, as none of the committers uses Silverlight in their daily jobs and the community is not really contributing to improving this much either.

Pankaj says:

is the final release out yet?