Castle Windsor (incl. Core with DynamicProxy and Dictionary Adapter) v2.5 final is out

Exactly one month after beta 2, I’m happy to announce that Windsor, as well as Castle Core (which now includes DynamicProxy and Dictionary Adapter) 2.5 are officially released.

Single .zip contains the following versions:

  • .NET 3.5 (sp1)
  • .NET 4.0
  • .NET 4.0 Client Profile
  • Silverlight 3
  • Silverlight 4

Changes, changes, changes

For the list of changes see announcement for beta 1, and beta 2 or changes.txt file in the package. Since beta 2 the following changes were made:

  • debugger view support has been extracted to a separate subsystem (IContainerDebuggerExtensionHost) and can be extended by users code via IContainerDebuggerExtension and IComponentDebuggerExtension
  • calling IHandler.TryStart will no longer silently ignore all the exceptions.
  • added CollectionResolver which is a more general version of ArrayResolver and ListResolver and supports in addition ICollection<Foo> and IEnumerable<Foo>
  • fixed issue where dependencies would not be cleaned up when component creation failed
  • fixed issue where startable component would be created twice when property dependency could not be resolved
  • passing arguments to ILazyComponentLoader (see breakingchanges.txt)
  • fixed bug that caused exception when proxied component and it’s proxied property dependency shared interceptor


For now we have a single sample application (Silverlight 4 app), created by Hadi Eskandari. You’re still welcome to contribute more apps, and hopefully soon we’ll have more of them.

New issue tracker

While not strictly related to the release, we also deployed a new issue tracker, which should be much easier to use.


The package is here (Core with DynamicProxy and Dictionary Adapter) and here (Windsor with Logging Facility and Synchronize Facility). Enjoy.


Tomasz Pluskiewicz says:

It’s nice that Windsor 2.5 has been released but now it’s integration with MonoRail is broken. Do you know when one can expect an updated Monorail release?

Alternatively is there a place to download old Nhibernate Integration binaries (from before Windsor 2.5)


we accept patches.

You can ask Chris Canal, who is the lead of NHibernate Facility, but from what I know he’s going to release the facility for Windsor 2.5 only.

Monorail will be updated sometime soon. You can contribute to this effort to make it sooner.


Mauricio Scheffer says:

Awesome work mate! Thanks!

Congratulations Krzysztof & the Castle team! It sounds like a lot of work has gone in and 2.5 will be a very solid release.

mms says:

After some testing with the sample above it seems DynamicProxy still dosn’t really support custom property attributes. I say ‘really’ because one attribute below does show up, but only with the DataGrid control not forexample a DataForm.

Add some DataAnnotations attributes for WPF/Silverlight databinding:

[Display(Name="First Name")]
public virtual string Firstname { get; set; }

Yet validation does not occur, remove the proxy and work with the target object directly and everything works fine. This is really a deal breaker as far as DynamicProxy and databinding of lets say DTOs.


What you mean still? Did you report it before? I can’t find the issue in the issue tracker.

If you believe this is a bug submit a issue with reproduction to the issue tracker.