IronRuby, Nu project and Launchy at your service

There’s been some buzz lately about the nu project that uses ruby gems infrastructure to let you quickly and easily grab latest version of common (and not so common) open source libraries without having to go and hunt for them.

All you need to do, is to open a command line, type

nu install foo

and you’ll get the project foo installed on your machine.

If you’re lazy, like me this may seem like too much. If you’re a Launchy user, like me – I have a solution for you.


Go to plugins, select runner and add entry for nu as on the screenshot above. For “Program” section type path to your nu.bat file which you’ll find in your Ruby, or Iron Ruby install directory. As arguments type $$ which means “whatever I pass” and you’re done.

Now you can open Launchy, type nu <tab> install project-name and few moments later the selected project is on your hard disk. Simple, hopefully useful.




What folder will nu use to install the stuff?
Because the main difference between Nu and Gem is that Nu copies the libraries into your currentWorkingFolder\lib directory

Btw: Dotless also installs a dotless.bat into your Ruby\bin folder so you can run the dotless commandline compiler after installation from any directory.