My Visual Studio (with ReSharper) color settings

That’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for quite a long time, yet I never got around to really doing it. Now, here it is – my Visual Studio color theme and it looks like this:


The theme works with Visual Studio 2010 and requires Resharper 5.1 or newer with “Color Identifiers” option turned on.

Some things to notice.

Instance classes, static classes and interfaces have all very similar but slightly different shade of yellow/green.

Extension methods are slightly lighter than regular methods.

Mutable locals, immutable locals and constants have also similar but slightly different color.

The background is dark, but not completely black.


Hope you enjoy it. If you do – you can grab it here.


czm says:

What do you mean by "“Color Identifiers” option turned on" ? I don’t see any option like that, is it turned on by default?


ReSharper -> Options… -> CodeInspection/Settings -> Color Identifiers

Gian Maria says:

It looks like interesting, but I always preferred white background, even if black one is less irritating for the eyes.

I’ll try yours to see if it will make me change my opinion 🙂


Arnis L. says:

Too colorful for me. I’m currently using ‘son of obsidian’.