Address bar search: Firefox 4 vs. Chrome 9

I’ve been a long time Firefox user. Recently though (over last couple of months) I’ve been using Chrome more and more until it became my default browser. Both are great browsers and both have strengths and weaknesses that the other one doesn’t have. One such thing I noticed today is how easily I can find a website I have visited previously by typing in some keyword (or part of it) to my address bar.




I have actually visited much more NHibernate related sites on Chrome recently, yet it failed to provide pretty much any relevant results. Firefox on the other hand just simply rocks by suggesting based on not just address but also title of the site, and some other metrics.


That’s a killer feature, right there.


vivitron says:

Firefox 4 also searches your open tabs as well… It’s nice because you can switch to an already open tab from the address bar.