Windsor 3 beta 1 is released (along with other goodies)

The title says it all. If you can’t wait grab the binaries here (Windsor with Castle Core and facilities) and here (just Core). Nuget package will hopefully follow soon.

What’s in it?

This is a major release and there’s quite a lot of new features, as well as some significant changes under the covers. There’s a high level overview of highlights for the release in the wiki, so please have a look there. More detailed changelog, and list of breaking changes is available as part of the package.

Remember it’s a beta release. Documentation and samples are still being updated and some features are not yet implemented or not fully baked. However it is very important that you don’t wait for the final release to upgrade, so that we can find and fix all the issues before final release. I’m not asking you to use it in production, but I’d really appreciate if you’d take the time to branch your apps, try to upgrade, run your unit tests, play with new version, and report any issues you may find. And ask your colleagues, friends and random people on the street to do the same!

And if you find any issues, do report them.

Have fun and happy coding,
I hope you like it


Scooletz says:

Although I based a few features on the forwarding handlers I’m glad that there will be one ComponentModel to rule them all. Did people demand this change a lot?

There was some demand, but mostly indirect, as in people were demanding scenarios where that was a pre-requisite.


Bound lifestyle is new to me, sounds like a clever approach to aggregate-style scenarios (thinking Views and ViewModels particularly.) Definitely something Autofac can learn from.Generic implementation matching also looks interesting – are there many other scenarios outside MVVM-type setups?Congrats for finally making multi-service components first class. I attempted writing a patch for it way back in 2006 and even then there was a lot of code to change.Nice to see Windsor has such a bright future. Can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂

Thanks Nick.

Re: Generic implementation matching – another scenario is making it possible to support scenarios like described here:, where you have lots of generic constraints. Currently Windsor (not any other container as far as I’m aware) does not try to “solve” the equation to figure out the right values for the parameters, and this can be a way to provide a case-specific solution. That’s actually based on a scenario in current project where I work where we have a set of classes like that.


[…] promised, I released Nuget packages for beta 1 of Windsor 3. This is my first major rollout of Nuget […]

[…] promised, I released Nuget packages for beta 1 of Windsor 3. This is my first major rollout of Nuget […]