Connector: Simple, zero friction Github –> AppHarbor integration

Recently to play with some new technology I came up with an idea to build an integration layer between Github and AppHarbor. What that means, is give you ability to work with your Github repository, reaping benefits of all of it’s VCS-centric features, and automatically, continuously deploy your code to AppHarbor.

The actual scenario I had in mind is to be able to use that for deployment of Open Source projects. AppHarbor is fantastic, no-headache deployment in the cloud, but Github is perfect for keeping and developing your code in the open, in social way. To have the cake and eat it too, Connector was born.


I hope you find it useful. it is free, use-at-your-own-risk-and-don’t-sue-me-if-something-breaks software. There’s still some work to be done, feature-wise and a whole lot of polishing but I decided to announce it early and get early feedback. If you have any suggestions, ideas or (gulp) bugs, let me know!


Hope that helps.


Anonymous says:

You can now do this directly from GitHub