On Windsor 3.2 release

Windsor 3.2 release is now live on nuget and sourceforge.

This release is mostly about bugfixes and incremental improvements and while some breaking changes were made, for vast majority of users this will be a drop-in update.

The highlights of the release are in the documentation, so I won’t repeat them here.

End of an era

It is the last release to support .NET 3.5 and Silverlight.

Also, I’m thinking of sunsetting (such a nice word) Remoting facility, Factory Support facility (the one that allows you to specify factory method via XML, not to be confused with Typed Factory facility), Event Wiring facility and Synchronize facility.

Obviously, Windsor being a community driven project, if someone wants to step in and take over any of these facilities we’ll keep updating them. Otherwise this will likely be their last release.


[…] On Windsor 3.2 release – Krzysztof Koźmic announces the release of Windsor 3.2, available as NuGet packages and as source and binary from SourceForge. Significantly this release is the last to support .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, and a number of other components are being considered for retirement after this release. […]

Adam Golan says:

Krzysztof, what are the reasons for dropping those features (especially Factory Support Facility and Event Wiring facility)? You consider them wrong in any way?
Could you exmplain why, if so (or if that’s explained aready could you point to a link)?
Also what’s wrong with xml? Why did it fell out of favour? Everybody is using the flunet api for registration now? Still it seems like a good idea to have a mechanism of configuration that doesn’t require recompiling…

Krzysztof Koźmic says:

@twitter-211444660:disqus Nothing wrong with these facilities per se. It’s just that they haven’t seen much development lately, and they’re not that widely used either, which makes the cost of keeping them up to date and releasing them relatively high compared to benefit they offer to the few that use them.

Even if the facilities aren’t going to be updated, they will likely still be working just fine with future versions of Windsor, and being open source and very small (in terms of codebase size) they’re easily adaptable if a need arises.

About XML, I’ve never been in favour of it to begin with. Speaking of factory support facility the sort of functionality it provides is code, not configuration, so I actually wouldn’t put that in XML.