I’m on Mastodon – https://mastodon.au/@kko

Yes, I’ve hardly posted here in the last several years. I’ve been on Twitter since 2008, and in the early years it was complimentary to this blog, but over time more and more discussions migrated over there, from blog comments. It was more engaging, faster flowing and had a lower barrier of entry. It also allowed me to reach and interact with people who never read this blog.

With time, I got less and less active, but still used it daily (with some exceptions and detox periods) in a more passive form, relying heavily on its Lists feature (and TweetDeck client) and DMs.

It was (still is) a tool I value, and more precisely, I value the thoughts and information people who use it choose to share.

Lately, more and more of those people have been either abandoning it, getting kicked out, or at the very least creating a backup on another network, usually Mastodon.

So have I, at https://mastodon.au/@kko. My use remains largely unchanged and passive, but there is some of that vibe that early Twitter had


Krzysztof says:

Self-comment. It’s been a while, so testing if this thing works at all