Dynamic Proxy Tutorial

Castle Dynamic Proxy tutorial is a series of blogposts that talk in details about various parts of Castle DynamicProxy framework. So far the following parts have been published:

This tutorial covers DynamicProxy version 2.2 As of now current version is 2.5 which has seen some changes. Those are mostly functional enhancements and do not change the behavior of the framework. That means that the tutorial is still pretty much 100% applicable to the new version.

  1. Introduction

  2. The what, why and how

  3. Selecting which methods to intercept

  4. Breaking hard dependencies

  5. InterceptorSelector, fine grained control over proxying

  6. Handling non-virtual methods

  7. Kinds of proxy objects

  8. Interface proxy without target

  9. Interface proxy with target

  10. Interface proxies with target interface

  11. When one interface is not enough

  12. Caching

  13. Mix in this, mix in that

  14. Persisting proxies

  15. Patterns and Antipatterns

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